SOCR4 Top 8: The Last Unicorn

Sanjay 3547

This is the list I piloted for the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh Tournament 4, where I went 4-1 in swiss with it and 0-1 in the cut. Me and Tennin were accompanied on this journey by my much more unorthodox Apex deck, but I'm pretty proud of how this deck did too. It was the only Tennin deck in the cut, the only Jinteki deck in the cut, and the only Honeyfarm deck in the cut (I assume).

Some cool features of the deck:

Quite taxing for fracters: Barriers are in a really interesting place in Cache Refresh. The best fracters are probably Inti (+/- Dedicated Processor), Yusuf, and Battering Ram, and those breakers are either slow to set up or in danger of being locked out entirely. This complements the Tennin ID very well, as you can often get some early counters.

Reconstruction Contract did amazingly: I built the deck around Reconstruction Contract, though at the same time I thought the premise was a bit silly. You certainly can't rely on the Breached Domes to advance it, though that does happen. Reconstruction Contract also synergizes with the Tennin ability, which allows you to run the runner into Psychic Fields, waste their time, pressure them to run, and, if things go well, fast advance even 4/2s and 5/3s. It's a mountain of influence, but it really is quite a fun card to play in Tennin. I originally was also on Mushin to combo with Reconstruction Contract, but I abandoned that plan because usually putting it in a taxing remote is better.

No restricted cards: Obokata Protocol is a heck of an agenda and a great scoring plan, but this deck is a lot more about fast advance and finding scoring windows around credits and breakers, rather than setting up situations where the runner doesn't have enough cards. Plus, my opponents were always sure to have four cards in hand before accessing whether I was playing Obokata or not, so if they are already jumping through that hoop, why not make them play a psi game too?

Honeyfarm: This card was just in my final list in a joke because my last opponent was my friend who both:

  1. Thinks Honeyfarm is a cool card (and I do too). AND

  2. Was on Alice so the include was vaguely justifiable.

Unfortunately Tennin wasn't able to make much honey due to an unfortunately installed Archives Interface.

Cache Refresh is a wonderful format. If you are worried about combating Obokata Protocol without Film Critic, don't! Just make the top cut and there won't be any Obokatas. It's as easy as that!

You can see the deck in action here, here and here (vs Reina, Alice, and the same Alice).

22 Feb 2018 presheaf

I wish I could've gotten to play this deck! It seems very inspired.

23 Feb 2018 Sanjay

@presheafI'll try to win more next time!