419 (6th at BLM)

Heinzel 1293

Having forgotten that there was a tournament this weekend i suddenly had to make a deck on friday with the new banlist.
I started out with a 55 card 419 with -3 Influence. I didn't make too much progress, so i looked up 419 lists with the goal to somehow fit a black file in there.
I found this list, just added a black file and played 4 games after which i felt the need to change some things.

I cut a Stimhack for a Rezeki, because seeing Rezeki early is nice and Stimhack is mostly useful when you have your non-AI-Breakers installed.

I was also surprised by the lack of Dirty Laundry. Since you have Mining Accident and Tapwrm getting paid for the run is very useful. So i needed to cut 3 cards for Dirty Laundry and 1 for the Black File.

When playing i noticed that depending on the corp Falsified Credentials can be dead a lot of the time since the corp can play around it. Against asset spam decks it works a lot better but that matchup should be decent anyways since you have Mining Accident, and Dirty Laundry is also quite nice against those types of deck. I think 1 might be too little but i am quite certain that 3 is at least 1 too many.

Another card i didn't like very much was Earthrise Hotel which never felt great when playing. I like Class Act more since you want 1 installed in every game to get the filtering ability. So i just cut 2 Earthrise for 1 Class Act to get another slot.

So i needed one more slot. I noticed that there weren't many good moments to play Diversion. Since HQ is always iced the corp actually needs a bunch of money for Diversion to steal something after the ice is rezzed. You also need to be able to break that ice which also isn't that easy. I think i had 1 game in the tournament where i missed the 3rd Diversion, but i think cutting it isn't that unreasonable.

Cutting it for a Black File on the other hand...

I wanted to play the Black File because i thought it might be a neat card agains Titan and ASA, while also being decent against glaciers. In the Tournament it was almost useful twice. Once against Sportsmetal where i should've installed it but ran instead. Though installing it probably wouldn't have won me the game since i still needed to find 3 points. The second time was against a Gamenet (i think?) which was on 6 points and install advanced advanced something in a server i couldn't get into. I installed the black file but it turned out to be a NGO. So the Black File wasn't as amazing as i've pictured it in my head and if i were to play again i would cut it.

I wouldn't bring back Diversion though. Even before the tournament i wanted to fit a Special Order in there. Oftentimes you need a real breaker because the centrals are iced. Only having one off Breakers with no way to reliably find them can leave you stranded after a purge. Not having Special Order also makes the Class Act decision very awkward. If you see a Breaker you can't really put it on the bottom of your deck. A Special Order would give you some leeway in that regard. And lastly even though you are playing 3 Aumakua you don't always see them and a special order would help here as well.

So i would do -1 The Black File and +1 Special Order. Otherwise i was quite happy with how the changes turned out.

The Deck went 4-2 in Swiss and 0-1 in the cut.

28 Jun 2020 YsengrinSC

One note on The Black File, I don't think it does much against HB in most cases because Project Vacheron outlasts it. So you have to steal their remaining non-Vacheron points, of which there are only probably exactly 7 left, (assuming they have scored 7 using 1 Vacheron) so hypothetically possible, but a pretty narrow window.

28 Jun 2020 YsengrinSC

Thinking about it a bit more, if they're using MegaPrix you have potentially 2 extra points up for grabs which would definitely help. But probably the right call to cut.

28 Jun 2020 Heinzel

Ye there is also the Problem of Black File running out before Vacheron loses its counter. So it's only useful against Vacherons on 2 counters. But sometimes you get to 7 points against HB and just have to wait for the Vacheron to tick down. In that case it buys you 2 Turns.