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22 Nov 2020 Diogene

We think alike, I named my deck the same way :

I like the Pop-Up Window and Data Raven, they improve the game plan.

How was you experience with this?

24 Nov 2020 MELLONE75

HI@Diogene i have used your deck for inspiration and like you see i made some changes. this deck some times does good think and other not so good but it is extremly funny to play whit! franchise city and award bait are my favorite cards and do a lot of funny combo-wombo .pop-up and congratulation do a lot of money and help u to score some one point. last 13 of november i run this deck in a small on line tournament and 2w-2L best combo of the day score 2 beale whit game changer in one turn score or some agenda back a pop-up and a 6 strengt ip-block is great.