Last Minute

Diogene 314

Goal : Use Game Changer to get a last minute victory with Haarpsichord.

The runner can steal 1 agenda point per turn, at most. Once the runner as 5 or more agendas in their score area, you can use Game Changer to score one or more agendas. News Team will help you here.

The only tag tech is Psychographics, to allow you to score one agenda from hand. Also, if the runner is floating tags, Quantum Predictive Model will be scored instead of stolen.

Stock Buy-Back will net you a fair profit. Mwanza City Grid also and it can get the runner to get News Team.

Franchise City will get you an agenda point out of turn, getting you ever closer to 7 agenda points. Put multiple agenda on the board. If the runner score one, you can score the other. Use The Future is Now to get Game Changer.

The ices are pretty cheap for their strenght. Improved Tracers will improve your ice suite (all tracers).

False Lead ability is useless here. The only reason for it is that I needed a last one pointer. Award Bait is probably the best, since it will allow you to score the next agenda in one turn,

This jank is a load of fun.