skunkworks ob - 38 @ worlds

bblum 4789

We had determined that hermes was the card to beat and expected everyone to be on flip switch, so I played 2nd seamless instead of hafrun. Hafrun would be good against laamb/begemot Esa, which I didn't take seriously enough and thus failed to practice against, but also just playing more code gates (i.e. a hortum) would too. You can't beat turbine Lat, which I didn't expect to see any of.

Round 1 - vs zahya, gave up 6 pts early and then slowly ground out a win by using mavirus to get the second skunkworks on r&d. You can't do that in the calibration testing build, but OTOH, the slow grind resulted in a runner timed loss thereafter, so who knows.

Rounds 2, 4, and 5 - wins vs sable, hoshiko, and esa.

Round 3 - got paired up against Lat after all. This was the moment I made peace with probably not making it.

Round 6 - loss vs NWE esa, as discussed above. I was out of contention here with just not good enough breakers, but didn't know it yet.

Round 7 - loss vs sable in the kind of freak accident hermes wins she can sometimes steal from you when 6 agendas show up before your first extract and/or spin dr.

Rounds 8 and 9 - win vs arissana and sable.

I still think this is the better build than the ones that made the cut but I'll have to prove it next year.