Diving into worlds (25th @ Worlds 2023)

AlPi 559

After an amazing Belgium nats run with Swift Deep Dive Lat, I tested the deck even more together with ayyyliens (you can see his run here). We came to the conclusion that Slap Vandal doesn't do much and when the runner trashes it youre Echelon only has 5 strenth with full breaker setup, making Hydra and Tribuche a pain. The deck also struggled against Pharaos Treeline decks. How did we solve this? Propeller baby! Propeller fits the deck so good, it is cheap to get with CMC in case you need +1 Echelon strength and when the Propellor is empty you can just leave it on the board or either Simulchip it back to glory. You also want to find a Swift as soon as possible, an extra Dr Nuka made this even more consistent. We cut 1 Simulship for the Nuka, 2 Simulship feels enough.

My run:

First day I went 4-2: Round 1) loss against PE, 1 turn I got greedy and didn't check 2 new installed cards, these were Moon Pool and Regenisis. The Moon Pool got used just to trash a 3 pointer, scoring the Regenisis worth 4 points for the win. Round 2) Outfit got a game loss because of a deck mistake (he drew a card that shouldn't have been in the deck) really sad to win this way, this is the best matchup for this deck. Round 3) win against fast advance Ob, it was a long game corp had 6 points runner 4 points. I won with the second Deep Dive getting me to 8. The corp showed me an Audacity Hostile and Mavirus in hand, they would have won in the upcoming turn. Round 4) loss against Azmari... I got Reeducation neurospiked... Round 5) convincing win against A Teaia Round 6) win against a very mean SSO deck, I went through my whole deck getting 2 3 point agenda's in the remote and finishing with a deep dive I got back from DJ Steve.

Second day I went 2-1: Round 7) convincing win against Ob Round 8) Sports got a game loss because he installed an ice like an asset, against really sad way to win, this is also a very good matchup for me. Round 9) loss against Asa, the corp had 5 points, I had 4. I regret my last turn, I had 2 deep dives in hand and coud have closed the game that way, instead I saw the corp was on 3 credits with a potential void skunk vitruvius remote with a vovo. I went for the remote contest with the idea to force a skunk rez to make the corp have less than 3 credits. I completely forgot that vovo has a thread ability which makes skunk rez for free, my stupidity got punished and it was indeed a vitruvius.

I love this deck, give it a try, it is simple to pilot and works great in this meta where centrals are often not protected enough.

I really really love this community, I'm so thankful I got to know this game 1,5 years go, this game is really something special. Thanks to all the volunteers, NSG members and all the players attending the event. Barcelona was awesome!