[Startup] Coward Hoshiko - 9-0, 2nd place Ashes to Ashes

CobraBubbles 660

When the Ashes to Ashes tournament, an asynchronous Startup event intended to bid farewell to the titular cycle before its rotation out of the format, was announced in the GLC Discord in May, I had been playing aunthemod's Stealth Hoshiko at my local meetup for a few weeks.

Deck is sweet. You have a lot of power to interact with the corp, but it's a tight ship to run, requiring you to think several steps ahead if you're going to have the right answers in place at the right time. When the Midnight Sun booster dropped, I made some deeply cowardly changes, adding Light The Fire! and Stargate so I could smash the corp's stuff rather than deal with it, plus extra copies of Simulchip and Taka to give me more redundancy in dealing with ice.

For the slots, I cut economy and card selection. This is Bad Deckbuilding. In almost every game I bemoaned the absence of the third Overclock and the third Gachapon.

Luckily all the additions paid off at least once during the tournament, and Hoshiko didn't drop a game, so I guess cowardice is a good strategy. Go figure.

Anyhow, the tournament was great fun! I had some really great games - my games with Marbles in both swiss and the top 4 were particularly nailbiting, shoutouts. Even though it became more apparent with each round that Startup is pretty heavily runner-favoured, the matches played out in a pretty interesting fashion for the most part. Big thanks to Shruthless and the rest of the organising team, and congrats to asqwasqw on the win. And of course big up our glorious leaders at NISEI - I'm not the biggest fan of the new Startup rotation policy, but on the plus side it means that a follow up tournament called 'Dust to Dust' is pretty much mandatory now.

Peace, love and trans rights,


P.S. My corp deck was straightforward PD, can be found here.