[Startup] Stealth Anarch 18-0

aunthemod 760

Self-modifying Code + Devil Charm is a brutal combo. Always mulligan if your hand doesn't contain DreamNet or Paladin Poemu. Gachapon is what makes this dependency manageable. Devil Charm can support Afterimage if you somehow don't have a Leech or your Trickster Taka. Gachapon and Self-modifying Code + Overclock make your breakers come in at a smooth rate.

Botulus and Ice Carver were cut to streamline the economy and ensure a 100% winrate vs Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center. Tough Matchup is GameNET: Where Dreams are Real with Rime + Lotus Field, but chiseling the Rime makes it winnable.

-Steel City Grid-

24 Feb 2022 x3r0h0ur

Have you ever tried out penumbral toolkit? you can fetch with gachapon, and it helps incentivize HQ runs. I could see cutting CC and a simulchip, or 1 smc for 1 penumbral and 1 ttw? I played this kind of stealth for a bit without all the tutoring, but found it light on draw.

24 Feb 2022 aunthemod

I haven't needed more stealth since I'm trashing a lot of Sentries with Chisel + Devil Charm anyway, and I can always support Afterimage with Leech if I don't find Taka.

24 Feb 2022 aunthemod

As far as TTW is concerned, that would make this a Standard deck as opposed to Startup, and many of the slot choices here are specifically with the Startup meta in mind.

I would recommend against cutting cc, as the deck is meant to mulligan agressively for Dreamnet & Paladin, so sometimes you can mulligan into a slow start and the CC being generic money rather than run-only credits is great in those spots. Cutting a simulchip is also hazardous as is decreases the # of chisels/imps you can play in a match, and you generally want as many as you can get.

I think it's natural to feel that Afterimage could use more support, but it really doesn't. Even if you can't find Leech with SMC and Gacha isn't finding Leech or Taka, you can Chisel str 3 Sentries and use Chisel + Devil Charm to destroy larger ones.

28 Feb 2022 ArminFirecracker

Nice deck. I run a similar Hosh, but never thought of Afterimage as an breaker. There are two cards I am missing. Stargate and Fermenter, which is real good money and makes Simulchip easier to use.

28 Feb 2022 aunthemod

In practice, if you aggressively mulligan for Dreamnet/Paladin, the deck has plenty of money, so Fermenter won't be necessary (any ice that costs more than $2-3 to break you just blow up), If you don't find Dreamnet right away, you have to strategically flip back and forth between Hoshiko & her WeebSelf, but once Dreamnet is on, you shouldn't have to click to draw for the rest of the game.

The deck doesn't have multiaccess, so Stargate would def enhance that aspect. I've found that that most corp decks, if you trash their good ice and Imp their hand, they can't win, even if you don't have Stargate.