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Tyranda 26

My first try at an Eternal deck :D i took the time to look carefully at each available Corp identity, and i liked the idea of an ice-related HB Corp, plus it has its own suite of personalized ice ! sounded pretty cool to me ;D

some of the decklists i checked out (links below) also included the Grail ice suite, and i've always wanted to try those out so in they went :3 then i rounded off the line-up with Architect because it looks strong, and Tyr because it fits my handle ^^

then for the non-ice cards i was quite confused at what i should be doing, and overwhelmed by the available cardpool, so i pulled from the decklists below and cut cards based on gut feeling until i got to 49 :P


This deck was fun to play ! Starting turn 1 with already 2 or 3 pieces of ice is quite pleasurable, and every person who saw my deck was like "wow cool to see NEXT" or "eyyy the Grail ice, awesome pick !"

As for results... quite terrible, didn't even put up a fight, just got my Account Siphon every single match and could never rez more than 1 or 2 ice per game... But for my very first experience with playing Eternal, i don't feel too bad about that ^^' and luckily my teammates in the Crown of Servers 2023 were very nice and understanding <3 huge shout-out to them <3 <3


Inspirations : , , , .

Balanced ratios according to my studies : 10 agendas, 7 assets/upgrades, 10 operations, 22 ices

Cool neutral ice i should try next time : Vanilla , Wall of Static , Enigma , Macrophage , Mother Goddess

14 Dec 2023 DDDydra

If you have the inf, Crisium Grid is great way to block Account Siphon. You can also run expensive assets to burn all your money before they can take it.