Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach

josephlaizure 30


Me when Spark of Inspiration was spoiled during Worlds 2022.

This is the deck I have always wanted to build. A (relatively) aggressive Shaper deck that plays (almost) no tutors and (almost) no recursion? NOW That's What I Call Drone.

Game plan: each turn you install a thing, play one event, and make one run. It's like Prepaid Kate in that way.

Guess what's not banned? Inversificator. With Kit and one Inversificator, you can get through two ice. With three Inversificators, you can get through four ice.

Spark (almost) always finds your breaker because you have only one breaker. In an ice-light meta, cut Turbine. My local meta runs enough big ice that I'm willing to whiff on a Spark every so often. You could also add an Engolo if you really want to run more than once a turn, but why would you? OK, it's helpful to do so if you're dealing with Border Control or ZATO or Nani, but I've never found it necessary as long as I'm running almost every turn and forcing rezzes and swapping things around.

Compile is your tutor and recursion and has the added benefit of hiding your breaker at the bottom of your deck where it is safe from Retribution. It could also hide a Turbine at the bottom if you don't need it and want to Spark.

You're not running that one Shaper program that deals with tags so you do need to be careful and keep that money up. At times the deck felt like it had too much money, but that's a good problem to have. You could throw in a Nuka or VRcation, and I've liked those cards to supplement the draw.

There's no Pinhole Threading because you can just swap annoying ice away with Inversificator and go trash that thing.

If you're done tending your 80-card tree farm but don't feel like venturing out of green, I've got good news.

20 Feb 2023 valerian32

Cool deck = D

20 Feb 2023 Mancini

Why not run Dedicated Processor instead of turbine? That way you can avoid Spark whiffs.

22 Feb 2023 josephlaizure

That's certainly worth considering! My experience has been that whiffing on Spark is not a big deal because you still have five cards left in the deck that either are the breaker or find the breaker, and Turbine boosts all Inversificators, which is good in late game. If 2 credits for 4 strength is important to get, one or two Engolos will also do the trick.

22 Feb 2023 Two_EG

I seriously need some pinholes in this deck. 1 Anoetic Void completely shut me down last game.

But 10 influence...

25 Feb 2023 tantale

Have you considered replacing 2 of the Inversificators with 1 Engolo and 1 Mass-Driver? I am thinking that having flexibility can be useful to optimise runs.

28 Feb 2023 Sauc3

This deck is heaps of fun! The banlist means drago is no longer a problem so I have replaced a couple nfls with pinholes and have been having a blast.

4 Mar 2023 SwheatLord

This deck grooves hard.

4 Mar 2023 josephlaizure

I think that putting in a couple Pinholes now that Drago is RIP is perf.