Quiet Zero - 2nd NZ Nats

Paillu 543

How I wake up

My actions are justified! No one can stop me from installing Keeling again and again! Would it have been technically correct to bring our Universal Agreement? Yes! But I don’t just want to install the Good Doctor, I want to install her and throw knives! I want to know that somewhere out there on the world, on the other side of the series of tubes connection our screens, that the runner is sweating, wondering if each run will simply be their last. A monument, a gravestone, a revival, and eternity for my beloved.

How it's going

I’m not going to bother with a detailed writeup for a banned strategy. This is the product of early meta QtM (my) testing to see if the archetype was still viable in a post-Obokata (my Belobokata) world, the results of some of which ended up in Universal Agreement. That plus some clearly suboptimal choices because I was here for a silly time. It has a more aggressive scoring strategy to compensate for Fujii being more brittle.

So is it viable? Well it went undefeated in the tournament, except by xiaat, who deservedly took first and beat it twice in the cut, the first time narrowly with a clutch Fujii off the top of RD with three hit points left to his name, and the second time decidedly, in the grand finals when the weight of my wicked machinations finally caught up to me and the deck fed me nothing but agendas for the bulk of our 17-turn game.

That's all folks

19 Sep 2023 jan tuno

sbt will destroy all evil :3

19 Sep 2023 Kror

It was an honor and priviledge to be double sting'd by this deck.

19 Sep 2023 Jinsei

I love this so much

Thank you

Thank you!

20 Sep 2023 xiaat

We had some impressive games for sure. Great to see the archetype still pulling weight, I haven't tried Restore but it seems like a natural fit. How does the deck do into Hermes?

21 Sep 2023 Paillu

@JinseiGlad to have contributed to this legacy. :> @xiaatIt cares surprisingly little about Hermes as long as you are intentional in your setup and remember to rez cards in the roots of servers. Divert Power helps also. Congrats again on your wins! Very deserved.