Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

originalme 15

This is my variant of the VLC IG decks that have been going around. It started out as twisty_b's Skull Goblet.
I played it for a while, made some tweaks (-1 Crick, +1 Cortex Lock, -1 Hiro, +3 Hostile Infrastructure, -2 Psychic Field) and ended up pretty close to the NYC IG that was played at Worlds. I stole the idea of +1 Cerebral Static from that deck.
If I keep playing this deck, I think I'd drop 1 or 2 Hedge Funds, 1 or 2 Hostile Infrastructure, add another CSR Campaign for consistency and 2-3 Tech Startup to help find Ronin and close out games.

Overall, it went 4-2 at US nationals, with 1 of those losses being a bad play mistake that should have ended in a tie (and would probably have been a win if the first game hadn't taken 50+ minutes).

4 Nov 2019 Krasty

4-2 is nice result! Can I ask you how you deal with this Stargate meta?