Regional Winner, Portland, OR 5/7/2016 Whizzard, 7th LA

bluebird503 1973

It is your standard whizzard that has been around for a bit. I played a few tech cards for the meta. Film critic is worth playing, this card is just always so good in so many various situations. Not much to say about the list beyond that, it did really well went 7-0 at the regional.

Small Update, I finished 7th in Pasadena regionals with this exact list. I started off strong, 4-0 in the swiss. Then I lost the last round of swiss, and two of the top 8 to NBN kill variants. I feel like I played the matchups ok but I wasn't as lucky as I had been with some previous NBN games and I probably could have been better prepared.

8 May 2016 moistloaf

Congrats Kyle, glad to see a good player carrying the Whizzard banner for the PNW

8 May 2016 bluebird503

Thanks Harrison, I'll see you around at a tournament soon I hope.

9 May 2016 spags

Card for card what I took 2nd in WI with. Couldn't get to 45. Every card was worth it.

9 May 2016 Saan

If people are curious what took second, it's this exact list - 1 Knifed, -1 Turntable, +1 Slums. Honestly, I think I like this list better. I really missed the extra Turntable and cutlery, although I didn't need stupid Plascrete all damn day.

9 May 2016 JackMade

I'd give that deck a perfect 5/7 score.

9 May 2016 CorpRunnerzoom

I was told not to come near your table as scary things were happening there. :-)

15 May 2016 Genesys

Would you swap Plascrete Carapace for Sports Hopper?

21 May 2016 bluebird503

@Genesys, No I would not make the switch. I haven't tested Sports Hopper in here personally but I don't think the card fits well. Plascrete provides a lot of protection for little cost combined with I've Had Worse. In addition the downsides from playing a dead card is off set by playing Faust to some extent.