If you're rich, you have nothing to fear (5th 2019 Australia

tantale 93

This is a fairly standard deck that I stole from netrunnerdb (here) with no change. I piloted it to 6th place in swiss and 5th place in elim for the 2019 Australian Nats (25 players). This was my first participation to a National event, so I am quite happy. Also I played some very good opponents. And the venue and the crowd was cool, so thanks every one and thanks Luke.

The idea is to make a million credits with Aesop, ProCo, TechWriter, and other things. Hayley is used for accelerate setup, but also for all the weird shaper shenanigans that we all love (or hate), such as installing mid-run or Cloting from hand. You need to be careful with memory but Clone Chip can help you if you draw in the wrong order. Stargate and "Freedom Through Equality" are also a nice pair. Misdirection is also essential against NBN and Weyland.

Round 1: Win against Will playing Industrial Genomics

I found two Paricias super early, which allowed me to keep IG's board state in check. I had to run archives only once to reset the IG tax and managed to keep the corp poor. Then Stargate ftw.

Round 2: Draw against Chris playing Azmari

I manage to keep mostly afloat. My opponent makes the mistake (I believe) of constantly naming Event and not drawing Scarcity. We go to time, and I make some last desperate run to HQ. I manage to steal a 15 Minutes (for the second time :/) and miss a 3-pointer, but he shuffle it back into R&D next turn for a draw on 3 points.

Round 3: Loss against Nathan with Jinteki RP

I decide not to contest Nathan's Sundew, with the assumption that I will win before he is able to make a good use of his money. I draw hard but fail to find my Aesops (all 3 in my bottom 10-15 cards). I just lose without being able to do anything.

Round 4: Win against Mitchel with Azmari

I don't remember this game well. I think I was very conservative, trying hard to avoid HHN. In the end, my Stargate finds two agendas on top of R&D.

Round 5: Loss against Michael's NEXT design

That's a hard match-up because of how fast they setup. IIRC, Michael got to 4 points quickly, which forced me to run an expensive server (with Seidr, Surveyor, and Hagen) for multiple NGOs. That was a nice game, involving a lot of interesting decisions (including using D4v1d and floating tags). In the last run, I decide to Stargate rather than check the remote server (not sure why as I think he had gone through a lot of NGOs); D4v1d would have allowed me to pass through Fairchild 3, Surveyor, and Seidr.

Swiss round 1: against Blake with The Outfit Blake played a very interesting deck with Data Loop and Self-Destruct, powered with some Reality Threedee and Elizabeth Mills (fortunately, she did not hit my Aesop but did remove some Bad Pub). I accumulated a metric ton of credits and ran everything (hitting 2 self-destruct in the face). When rich enough, I finally got to trash the Reality Threedees with one Paricia and some Bad Pub (I think he had 4 or 5 in the end). There were some nice decision points, such as when I refused to run archives because of the Punitive threats, when I decided to pass Archer with Brahman (because ProCo gains me one when I redraw SMC ). In the end, I ran Archives for 6 points. Turned out my opponent was flooded and has spent a very bad game. Sorry Blake!