Dumblefork, Katowice Regionals 1st & 5th

hsiale 204

This is the Whizzard list I used at Katowice Regionals. Went 3-1 during Swiss and 1-1 in top 4, both losses to Palana piloted by @donmakaron, wins in Swiss against Palana, SYNC and NEH, then against Palana in game 1 of finals. Probably I should have cut 1 Forked and 1 Spooned to get the deck size where it should be but I had no time for serious testing before the tournament.

The same runner (paired with Mumba/GFI NEH) was used by my GF, who, despite playing maybe 5 Netrunner games since her last tournament in February, managed to get 3.5-1 with it (wins against NEH, SYNC, Making News, times win against IG, loss against Palana) and finish 5th out of 18 players.

30 May 2016 nungunz

How did the Hades Shard vs Employee Strike work out? Did you ever miss having the strike around?