FAQ Page 20 - 2nd Place Colorado Regionals

Sanjay 3498

This is the corp list I took to Colorado Regionals. The deck went 4-1 in the swiss and 1-2 in the cut, losing twice in the cut to @greyfield's first place Hayley deck for a second place finish.

My runner deck was Grape Juice.

I previously published the deck with a worse ice suite and no second place regionals finish to my name here.

Nice to meat you

The Colorado netrunner community is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and fun, and I repaid their warmth and kindness with a dirtbag deck designed to exploit weird FAQ updates.

The deck has three win conditions:

1) Fumiko + Psychic Field kill

Thanks to the newest FAQ update, if the runner loses a Psychic Field psi game while Fumiko Yamamori, they lose their entire grip THEN take a meat damage, which can kill the runner. Typically, you want to throw 2 psychic fields and 1 Fumiko down all at once to maximize the chance the runner runs into the psychic field first.

This combo was especially potent during the swiss, with all four of the wins being flatlines. I definitely benefited from people being less familiar with the combo, with runners running into Fumiko, letting her live, and then going on to check out another facedown card which happened to be a psychic field.

The combo is hard to get off if they have Councilman or Political Operative (you need two Fumikos), and impossible to get off if they have either net damage protection, meat damage prevention, or I've Had Worse.

2) Never Advance shenanigans

Because of the kill combo, your unadvanced cards are extra spooky. This lets you get away with some cool never advance stuff, which is especially good in Tennin. My one win in the cut with this deck involved rushing out one Obokata Protocol, then leaving the other one on the table until I had the opportunity to Tennin advancement + Trick of Light + Trick of Light + "Clones are not People" for the win.

Never advancing stuff is my favorite thing to do with Tennin, and I'm so happy this list gets runners to actually take unadvanced cards seriously.

3) Fast Advance and/or trying to find a scoring window

You can probably build a scoring remote and/or fast advance your way to 7 points. I should really try that sometime.

Trick of Light is MUCH better than Shipment from Tennin in this deck specifically. Besides:

How are you supposed to ship from Tennin if you are Tennin?


The deck has a good matchup against run-based Criminal (your servers are pretty expensive to run and they usually can't stop fast advance), a decent matchup against most anarchs (for the same reasons), and not the greatest matchup against clot lock Shaper. Account Siphon isn't a big deal because Mass Commercialization is an incredible card. Employee Strike is annoying but fine, you can just manually advance your ice as needed.

The ice suite is not very well equipped to deal with ice destruction, which bit me during my two losses in the cut.


I've never done so well at a tournament, everyone in Colorado was amazing, and I'm feeling extremely happy right now.

How are you?

17 Jul 2017 grimsleeper

I am still kicking myself over running an unadvanced remote after seeing the Fumiko on the table. Muresh Body suit moves up the list to 72nd deck spot.

18 Jul 2017 Skeletons

Shell games with Psychic Fields, very cool! Did you consider adding Chetana to your ice suite? At least, I think it works with Fumiko in the same way.

18 Jul 2017 Sanjay

@Skeletons Yeah! I took out Chetana because I was thinking I wanted more solid, reliable ice, but I do think there's merit to adding it back. The numbers on it aren't actually that bad, and having a few more chances for a surprise kill is certainly welcome. I'd probably cut the Chiyashi or one Komainu for it.

But let's keep this between you and me... Now that the deck is published, it might be a bit difficult to get as many Psychic Field kills. Surprise Chetanas might be just the trick we need.

18 Jul 2017 Handsome Jack

Might you want to add Prisec as a sort of insurance plan? A Minority Report type setup might surprise a few runners.

18 Jul 2017 Sanjay

Prisec makes a lot of sense, especially if you want to mix up the specific very scary things you are including.