noob needs help

apolz 15

Only have these cards:

world champion runner deck

core set


creation and control

honor and profit

data and destiny


free mars

terminal directive

Could u comment on my deck and give me advises for replacements?

16 Aug 2017 mrpleasant

Your deck seems to focus on rushing agendas by free-rezzing ICE, which I can see working fine since it's extremely taxing to get in scoring servers. I guess what can be problems are 1) Big ICEs are expensive to break, but if they have to break only once then they are very weak in long term. This means easy 1-turn R&D digs or bad late game situations where all your big ICEs are gone. 2) You can't expect to punish facecheck if they can bail out by clicks and know some of your big ICEs beforehand. 3) There might be credit problems. 4) Sometimes you may just won't draw what you want. This applies to every deck but your deck depends so much on this. 5) You might think it takes long to actually get 3 breakers, not if they use a freaking AI. Eater or fueled-Faust can be your nightmare.

I think your deck works on rushing, so I suggest going extreme at it. Cut the 4/2 agenda (and 3/1 imo, but if it works for you then keep it), More draws would be nice. Cut some little credit cards and get IPOs in. Put in some anti AI ICEs if there are any from your cards.

16 Aug 2017 apolz

Thx for your input :), what Ice would u use as anti AI ICEs? What draw cards are there that i can use, cant really find any?

17 Aug 2017 PureFlight

Going with @mrpleasant's strategy of trying to score out as soon as possible, I think you need economy that will give you the money up front. Drop PADs for IPOs and Marilyns for Adonis Campaigns.

For draw, Ultraviolet Clearance and maybe Anonymous Tip are your best options. I like GLC too to an extent, but it's not a particularly strong card.

Swap Sentinel Defense Program for another Project Vitruvius. Sentinel will only fire in a small percentage of games.

Viktor 1.0 isn't very good. Use another Enigma instead.

Hortum is your best anti-AI ice I think. You only advance it against AI opponents. It's also not easily Yog-able. Try dropping beanstalks and an ice wall for 2 Hortum.

Fairchild 3 is amazing and if you can squeeze in another copy or two it would be great.