Palana CTZ Stress Variation 1.3

saracenus 1054

This deck is a one card deviation from the awesome deck, CTZMANVS_STRESS (Undefeated SF SC)>

I subbed in Anansi for DNA Tracker. I was expecting to see more Adam and the one Adam deck I faced I stomped before I even got the card out.

I went 3-0 in Swiss (IDed in round 4) and then promptly got stomped buy my buddy Brian (@Saan) in the first round of the Top 4 cut.

I made a huge mistake reverting this deck from the Film Critic meta optimized one I used a week ago. I scraped out a win vs. a Smoke deck in round 3 of Swiss, but my luck didn't hold.

I had a blast playing a version of this deck through the Oregon SC season.