Binder Fodder's Revengeance (1st, Kessel Run SC, 16-12-11)

lopert 1618

BFR 2.0

Tournament Data

20 player Ottawa Region Store Championship.
3-0 in swiss + ID, and 1-1 in top4 elim.

IG54 (timed win), CTM (close loss)


Version 2.0 of BFR continues to quickly setup a DLR engine and mill the corp out while simultaneously slowing the corp down.

For those who weren't familiar with the initial list, here's a breakdown of your turn once the engine is setup.

Start of Turn:
Free Jak Sinclair run into a rezzed ice.
Start Security Nexus trace.
Gain 3 from Power Tap x3.
Fail on purpose.
Take 1 tag.
Click 1 to 4:
Data Leak Reversal x4
End of Turn:
Citadel Sanctuary trace.
Gain 3 from Power Taps.
Remove 1 tag.

Key changes from BFR 1.0

-2 Employee Strike, +2 Dr. Lovegood
EStrike was good, but it was mostly in for protection against Scarcity of Resources, which was not seeing a ton of play.
Stealing Agendas in BFR 1.0 was doable, but always painful because of The Source (have to pay 3, have to sac a Fall Guy).
Enter... Dr. Lovegood. Excellent in this deck because of the work he does with the following 3 cards:

  1. Drug Dealer: Blank Drug dealer to avoid losing 1c per turn.
  2. The Source: Did the Corp just IAA something? Blank The Source and go steal it.
  3. The Black FIle: Corp sitting on 5-6 points with some FA shenanigans? Play The Black File and blank it until they actually get to 7, giving you an extra 2 turns to find the win via DLR.

-2 Dirty Laundry, +1 Drug Dealer, +1 On the Lam
The deck wasn't hurting for money, and I wanted more speed.
In this kind of deck, I'm usually willing to pay a credit for a clickless card.
Using The Supplier / Casts (install something, bringing yourself to 0) or Lovegood (just don't pay) means you can reliably mitigate the downside.

On the Lam is mostly a tech card to avoid Breaking News -> The All Seeing-I, but can be used in a pinch to avoids traps (Cerebral / Junebug / Ghost Branch) or Ronin. I only played it once during the day and it saved me from BN ASI, preserving my Black File long enough for me to lose in 2 turns.

Shoutouts and Links

@dien for the lovegood talks and everyone else I mentionned on the BFR 1.0 list.