I'm a criminal in New-York - 3-1 @NYC SoS November 2023

m31345 105

I brought this deck to Sovereign of Subways. This is the first time I'm playing Crim seriously. I've used CableCarnage's deck from worlds as a basis. The tournament made it very likely we would be playing different factions so I made some changes to make sure I had a toolkit. The biggest changes are the inclusion of 2 Bankroll (pretty important if SDS is in play) and some Airblades mostly to deal with potential Funhouses. I've switched Echelon to Carmen (freeing 1 inf but also I feel they're pretty similar, especially since I want to win fast and Echelon is better in the late game).

I believe the deck went 3-1 (I'm not counting the last game where time was called before we actually started playing, just giving us a turn each to play).