sableCarnage - 2nd at Worlds 2023

cableCarnage 2597

Expecting a bunch of fast HB decks, crim with The Twinning, WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ and Hermes is a strong pick. Cute rezekis cover crim's late game weakness and also charge Twinning.

I registered with 419 when I woke up on Saturday. Compared lists with Don on Sable. I prefer his list. Swap id, swap an Aumakua and a Career Fair for 2 Info Bounties, 2 cards off Don's list, change my registration, et voilà!

This is reg crim. I've been playing this archetype for over three years. I know how to make it work.

Day 1 goes ok. Lost to rush Ob, PD and PE but managed to beat 2 Asas and a kill Ob. 3-3 isn't great but my corp is carrying me by being undefeated. The deck feels good though and I'm getting better with it. With good enough piloting and draw it can beat anything.

My first pairing of day 2 is against Sokka. I corp first, win an absolute nail biter. We swap sides. I heard of Sokka's corp. It is designed to beat crim. But we don't have much time left.

how to win vs BtL

I play as aggressive as I can to make sure I have more points than Sokka when time is called and I do manage to get the timed win.

Round 8 I sweep because COVID (which feels awful). Round 9 ID. I'm in the cut.

Cut game 1 I run against monde's Ob. Keeping a hand with Miss Bones slows them down enough for me to win on centrals.

Game 2 I corp and win. Game 3 I run against lostgeek on NEH. I steal Tomorrow's Headline early. I check his board and steal a Bellona credit perfect. But it costs me my one installed card, Info Bounty, due to Amani Senai. And then Oppo Research buries me in tags. I have 0 credits, many tags and no rig. Desperate central runs yield nothing. lostgeek ices HQ and R&D. I run centrals more desperately. R&D is Virtual Service Agent, ok I can get accesses but nothing. HQ is Unsmiling Tsarevna, I can also get accesses. He draws to 7 cards. Access one. Steal the winning Artificial Cryptocrash.

Game 4 I corp and lose. Game 5, loser's final vs Odol.

Game 6. Grand Final.

I lose the Grand Final.

Is there sadness? A little.

Is there joy?


See you all next time.

19 Oct 2023 percomis

Huge congrats on the amazing finish!

Mostly came here to say that I love the deck name and honest to God sableCarnage also popped up in my mind when I thought about your Sable deck :D And the meme is A+ :D

19 Oct 2023 DeeR

:missme: being good at crim with Engolo/Paperclip/Bukhgalter

:hitme: being good at crim with Unity/Echelon/Curupira.

19 Oct 2023 anarchomushroom

what a weekend

19 Oct 2023 Xtreme

Congrats on some amazing netrunner games! Saw the grand final up front, and what a game! you are a Beast!

19 Oct 2023 Diogene

That last game was EPIC! Congratulations on placing 2nd. Well earned!

20 Oct 2023 clercqie

Amazing run this year, big congrats for that! Loving all the Crim that made it into top cut, with quite some different approaches too!

It might be nitpicking since play > card picks, but I wonder whether you liked the Wake or Info Bounty in the end? Alternatives I see are Legwork (+ Twinning) to clear out HQ when appropriate. And Bankrolls just feel massively more impactful than Info Bounty in all games I've played with Sable.

I like the breaker picks even though they cost influence, but would you consider doubling up to protect against rigshooting? Or wasn't that as big of a problem over the course of the tournament?

20 Oct 2023 cableCarnage

Info Bounty felt great all weekend. I was skeptical of double Info Bounty in Sable, playing only 1 for a long time. No regrets going to 2.

I have not installed Wake Implant all weekend but I would keep playing one because it provides strong continual hq pressure, unlike Diversion which provides a more bursty hq pressure. The main reason for playing Wake Implant is to target fast HB (and other rush) decks. Corps are very good at building a safe remote quickly. This means that agendas spend very little time in HQ. Which makes HQ safe. Which makes corp focus their ice on the remote and r&d. Yes against crim, HQ gets iced early but it is a token ice to avoid an opportunistic Diversion. After that first HQ ice, corps prefer icing other servers. Wake implant turns an HQ access into a future R&D access. The corp has the following fork: keep playing fast and risk r&d lock with Wake implant or slow down and play defensively, becoming weaker to Twinning.

Bankroll is good. The meta was more asset based than I expected so I didn't play them in my list.

I managed to dodge rigshoot from Ob and played around Trojan Horse in BtL. I did consider playing double breakers and it would've helped more for finding them early enough against rush. Card slots get even tighter then though.

20 Oct 2023 cableCarnage

@anarchomushroom <3

20 Oct 2023 bowlsley

@anarchomushroom fuck

5 Jun 2024 lunadam

@Heardle Ahoy, dear matey! On this fine day, I wanted to send my most enthusiastic greetings, filled with the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and boundless optimism.