Warm Milk Andy (BABW Winner)

Nemamiah 3641

"This deck is so sensible. When I look at it I feel like I should be tucked up in bed by 9 pm with a glass of warm milk" - Alex White

There's nothing interesting here. I played this because I expected a lot of CI (which was kind of right) and a ton of Sync (which was dead wrong). This list sacrifices the glacier matchup because nobody was meant to be playing that (also wrong), but has okay to good matchups against most decks across the board.

The Moon matchup is winnable, but you lean very hard on Medium and Strike early and if you don't see them you'll probably lose. It might be correct to find a slot for the second Medium and cut Gordian for Abagnale, but don't blame me when stacked Fairchildren make you cry.

This deck was great in Swiss, going 5-0 and looking really solid. I lost the only game I played in the cut, getting trolled hard by Jonny's Mooninites.

21 May 2017 Shmeguy

what is plascrete for?

21 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

@Shmeguy likely for preventing meat damage.

21 May 2017 Nemamiah

So you can pitch it vs CI, @Shmeguy

It's another symptom of expecting way more Sync than there turned out to be. I

21 May 2017 dawspawn

Is Gordian worth the three influence over Abagnale?

21 May 2017 thebigunit3000

Yes. Gordian is so good that it's an NPE.

21 May 2017 Revelations

If you don't want to be bent over a barrel by HB putting card after card behind double stacked Fairchild 3.0, yes Gordian Blade is totally worth it I think.

Not sure on Passport vs Abagnale though. I know the install cost is expensive, but after that the stats are the same and at least Abagnale gets you into a remote.

24 May 2017 Mechanoise

Congratulations on your win, bring it home for Britain!