Museum of Hostility

Sindarin 125

Inspired somewhat by TGI Fridays' Endless Appetizers (though games with this deck don't take anywhere near as long to complete), this has done well for me so far.

The idea is to let them take some of the agendas (Fetal AI, House of Knives), get them to trash assets, all the while punishing them for doing so. I tend to throw out the 3/1s 3/2 naked, and use Project Junebug to complement that and make the runner wary.

There isn't a huge amount of econ, but I've found so far that that's fine. There's relatively small amounts of ice being rezzed, and the only really expensive asset is Hostile Infrastructure. In any case, once Turtlebacks start doing their work, money hasn't yet been a problem.

Ashigaru and Komainu are great Faust halters, and it's admittedly fun to pay the single credit to pull Himitsu-Bako back to hand to further empower Ashigaru. Crick does what Crick does, and first runner turn face plants into Cortex Lock are always enjoyable.

Despite the focus being on Museum of History and its recycling of cards, Housekeeping may be the MVP in this deck. Even with the larger deck size, 3 of means I see it often, and it's nearly always met by a sad groan of despair.

So far it's gone 5 and 1 (all wins were flatlines) in casual play. Film Critic gave it some trouble, and I've yet to face Whizzard with it.