Sifr Whiz (4th place Australian Nationals, 2nd after Swiss)

crushedguava 189

Based off simpleton's list from Gen Con: with a John Masanori (MVP) in place of a Liberated, and the extra MKUltra in place of Datasucker as per his suggestion.

2 Bloo Moose was perfectly fine (because it came out in every game for me).

Deck is resilient to net damage, but ironically lost to the eventual winner in the top cut on turn 2 when he rezzed Blacklist and Cortex Lock to prevent me from getting my MKUltra from the bin (Sifr was installed).

Swiss: 1) win vs Moons, 2) timed draw vs Moons, 3) win vs NEH Moons/Turtlebacks/TSponsorship/SanSan etc, 4) ID, 5) ID.

Top Cut: 1) loss vs RP as described above, 2) win vs ETF SpicyStrat Surat City Grid/Elective Upgrades.

Further discussion on an upcoming episode of The Winning Agenda.

27 Aug 2017 SneakdoorMelb

This is gross. I really like it. Congrats on the placing!

28 Aug 2017 crushedguava

@SneakdoorMelb thanks!