Ultraviolence - Colorado Regionals 1st Place

greyfield 3908


"There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening..."

"So this is a hundred-percent ruse deck." - Higgs

This deck took me to 1st place at the Colorado Regionals, going 1-2 in the Swiss, winning against Andy and losing to MaxX Opus and Val Desperado, and in the break went 2-0 beating the same MaxX and Val when I was able to actually draw Moons. One win was a Boom, two were scores, though one could have been a technical kill if I'd let his Hail Mary Mad Dash kill him. (I wasn't able to play one swiss game against an opponent, as he conceded to me to go home to his child, which is the real winning strategy).

In my defense, it's not like I intended for this to seem like the ultimate ruse job. But sometimes, you gotta go back to your one true love. The one who always stood by you.

I've been packing meat in HB since the old days of CI with Punitive Counterstrike and Reclamation Ordering back three Restructures, or playing two Sea and two Scorch in regular ETF. And it just so happens that Hard-Hitting News locks fueled by Clone Suffrage Movement and Friends work magically with Estelle Moon.

But the real big addition was Mumbad Virtual Tour. In the past, you ran into the awkward situation that, given a long enough timeframe, opponents could just trash through all your Suffrage Movements, even through ELPs. But Virtual Tour both puts a huge dent in most economic engines and helps opponents fall below the critical eight-credit line for Hard-Hitting News. No longer do you have to Friends back two CSMs and console yourself with stealing their time. Now you can get a CSM and an MVT, and tax them for one click and seven credits, as opposed to just two clicks and four credits. Profits like that add up with this deck, especially with ELP.

And even if your opponent assembles a fearsome base of protection against your tagging shenanigans, don't forget: you're still HB. You still get to never-advance agendas behind big Bioroids and on MVTs, daring your opponent to come and get them.

At least, that's the theory. In practice, I probably would want a Biotic Labor if I played this again.

17 Jul 2017 triorph

I've seen someone else playing a deck like this too, but they were afraid to commit to it for the regionals. The idea is pretty cool.

How did you find the Ichi's? I'd be worried that they're not punishing enough most of the early game, when your ice is most important. On a similar note I wonder the same about the Eli. I love vanilla in these kinds of builds and people have been pushing me into trying quandary as well.

17 Jul 2017 greyfield

Ichi was pretty good. Like Eli and Fairchild, they're rather taxing for most of the best icebreakers in the game (luckily, I saw no Atman 4s), and at the end of the day taxation was a big part of the gameplan - either to set up HHNs, create fear of HHNs for scoring windows, or just, uh, create scoring windows.

Vanilla is good for rushing, but it does little against dedicated assault plans like Eater, which I expected to see. Hence in the second Magnum MaxX game, despite his tremendous economic advantage, the larger ice wore him down. He could have won the game but for me forgetting he had information and him assuming I was running a bluff when I was being genuine in rushing out my winning agenda behind some Elis, but up to that point that server was doing just fine at keeping his economy down.

But in general, ice is very much a your meta/your preference situation. I found this blend to be well-suited to the decks I faced, but against faster opponents lighter ice would have been nice.

17 Jul 2017 Sanjay

I love this friggin' list. Looks absolutely terrifying.

Colorado sure does like killing people. You even need to pack your Plascretes to face EtF.

Congratulations on the win! Well deserved for two very good meta calls and some excellent piloting.

18 Jul 2017 CodeMarvelous

Also, this


14 Aug 2017 Elodius

Thanks for this list ! Got me Top 4 on a regional and nearly got me Top 8 on the Dutch Nats. Surprise BOOM! is best BOOM! :)

Added a single Biotic for easy Vitruvius counters with Jeeves.
Also looking at Archived Memories, which would have gotten me Top 8 at NL Nats for not being thrashable.

Thanks again !

16 Aug 2017 greyfield

That's awesome to hear! Congrats.