[TWA] FoodCoats Midrange

BigBadWolf 1392

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1 Mar 2016 OnePunchMan

You have tagged this deck as store champs but haven't mentioned that it won... Did it win a store champs?

3 Mar 2016 BigBadWolf

@OnePunchMan One final and one top 4!

4 Mar 2016 Myriad

Have you tried more than 1 hopper in this build? Or is it just bad?

I ask because 1 hopper seems kind of wasted to me. You won't generally get them early enough to score them and if that is the case, why run that over any other 2 point agenda?

5 Mar 2016 BobAloVskI

@Myriad I can only speculate on this because I did not create the deck but I assume Advanced Concept Hopper was used because it is better than all the other 4/2 HB agendas (at least for this type of deck).

NAPD Contract could have been used but then you are down another influence which is better spent on the current influence suite.

Ideally, you would not score the 4/2 agenda whatever it was. You would want to score 2 3/2s and then a 5/3.