Works well with mythic ice if the runner has no AI.

As it cannot be clicked to break, it makes running first click, with just a killer installed, more hazardous for the runner against HB.

It looks like another tool that is edging towards makng a brain damage deck playable

If Loki chooses Next Gold the sub does zero net damage; but presumably that still triggers Tori Hanzo or Clan Vengeance if it fires.

Well that would be mainly Excalibur. Chimera gets a subtype upon rez and Mother Goddess only works if you only have all no ice with any subtype. Kitsune may or may not be possible, I'm not sure whether the UFAQ means the entire subroutine doesn't resolve or only the bit about trashing the card. —
On the subject of Mythic ICE: Why, oh why, is Loki itself not Mythic? He has no other features common to bioroids, but he feels like a Mythic ICE. Every ICE should be either barrier, Code Gate, Sentry, Trap or Mythic. It's just strange to have none of those subtypes. —