A very interesting card. It immediately seems less impressive compared to the ever popular NAPD Contract. However with the advent of Film Critic this card may find a place in a big-money corp deck. It essentially works like the Oaktown Renovation in Weyland allowing you to score out an agenda without losing tempo. It's potential to swing even more money into corporate coffers is best seen in a deck with a lot of economy. For example, big money HB or even within a glacier style Jinteki. This card could be considered to be a win-more card, however the ability to turn scoring an agenda into a credit profit should not be underestimated for a deck that can take advantage of that with some big ICE.

I'm doubtful that Film Critic alone will make NAPD less attractive. it's only a minor hate card that still results in tempo loss for the Runner. —
But, of course, we'll have to wait and see. Corporate War always did seem to be on the verge of playability for glacier/big money decks. —
@nickv2002 NAPD is dead. i'd rather run this for a chance at gaining credits than watch NAPD get stolen by film critic again. it's a MAJOR hate card that completely changes the meta. —
Corporate war is a better agenda than it looks. Yes, the agenda does have its drawback, but that just means you cannot play it in any deck. This card belongs in a big money deck, with agendas such as profiteering. If you make having 11+ creds relatively easy, this card becomes an economy card, which on its turn frees up deckslots and prolongs the scoring window.. —
In a Jinteki shell game deck this is also really nice. You mushin it or slow advance it to 4 next to your Ronins, Junebugs and CerebrO's and fire it when you need the money. Works like a small, inf-free GRNDL refinery that gives you points. —