Why, oh why, does her say "hand" instead of "grip"?

Other than that, this is a fine ID. Noteworthy her minimum deck size, though we may consider her influence a drawback. Her ability is asking for a deck that abuses it. However, as good as it looks, it needs something to ensure it fires, such as Inside Job, or other breakers already installed.

It's kinda feature regarding IDs (criminal feature, maybe), because Andromeda has "hand" word in her text box, too. —
Why, oh why, did her title have to be "Savvy Skiptracer"? We already had a "Savvy Investor", was "Skiptracer" too boring? This irks me to no end, since names and titles are supposed to be unique. Poor Laramy Fisk. Not only does he not see a ton of play, he also gets his title overshadowed by the new girl here. —