People saying this card is an inside joke better wake up. Tyrant can be super powerfull in Tennin. Just played a game where i got a Tyrant with 13 advancement tokens and the server just got unstoppable! Combine it with commercialization and you're in for a treat!

I agree that it is playable, but it is hard to play. And just hope the runner isn't running Morning Star. —
Or a Parasite. Or Sherman. Or Atman-4. It is really nice against Lady and Faust though, and David can't touch it. —
Atman-4 still costs a credit per sub. Corridor - 2c + 1 per sub. I dunno what the crime run, but I bet it hurts to go vs. a 5-8 sub barrier —
To be honest, if you've gotten a piece of advanceable ice with 13 advancement counters on it, of course it's going to hurt the runner, be it this, Hadrians, or even just an Ice Wall. —