I'm a little more sceptical than @tiedyedvortex regarding this card. I agree that this will probably see at least some play in Anarch, and in particular maybe in MaxX. She cares slightly less about redundant copies, as she trashes a significant portion of what she draws, and she could probably also be built to be fast enough for the fact that this is clickless economy to matter greatly.

However, I would be surprised if this saw much play outside of Anarch. Two influence isn't huge, but considering you both want several copies (granted, two would probably be enough in a 40 card deck) and that only one of those copies are of any use, wouldn't most people play Lucky Find instead? At the cost of being slightly heavier to play, you get an instant six credits as opposed to a delayed potential eleven. For most Runners, I imagine that would be a sweeter deal.

Granted, there are some situational advantages to this over Lucky Find. First, this is a Connection. This makes it interesting for Iain's Connections, as well as tutorable with Hostage. Second, a Runner like Nasir might prefer not getting a lump sum of credits. Finally, Aesop's Pawnshop is a card.