Literally the Runner economy card by which all others are measured. This core set staple is good in all stages of the game netting 4 for the low low cost of having 5 at your disposal. Bonus synergy when turning a nasty trap like Shi.Kyū or News Team into a free 9 using The Shadow Net.

While useful at all stages of the game Sure Gamble excels on the first turn allowing you to set up your rig that much faster to threaten servers that much faster. In fact this is such a generally useful neutral card at 0 influence that it is an auto-include in almost all runner decks ( 91% of runner decks as of 4/7/18 according to One would need to have a good reason to NOT include 3 copies of this card in your deck!

Long may our elite hackers make a profit by defrauding casinos and online gambling halls to acquire the funds to steal sensitive corporate secrets!

7 Apr 2018

(Written During the Devil and the Dragon Era)

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