Welcome to the new autoinclude now that SIFR will be in the new Meta and all over the place. You better find a spot for this 3 times in your deck in 2017 forward until we have another hard counter. And you better advance it at least 2 times so you can deal with one sacrifical construct that protects SIFR.

What's SIFR? —
@Shieldwall : An upcoming Anarch console that has been spoiled today. —
Note that Sacrificial Construct isn't hardware and a second advance wouldn't help even if it was. (For the same reason that Fall Guy works against All-Seeing I.) —
SIFR - the death of Netrunner as we know it. —

This card would be interesting but it's unusable because of the existence of Rumor Mill, there is nothing you can do to prevent the runner from simply winning when he has the scores he needs by popping rumor mill. It's a shame, but it requires to much building around to make it eventually working. The weakness to one very prominent card makes this unusable for tournament play.

To be fair, it was hardly a tournament card before rumour mill —
I could have sworn that the cards that made this unusable were mostly from the core set... and all the others were just ones that shoveled dirt on it's casket. I mean, Codebusting, a breaker suite, and Medium are enough to trash it out of R&D to shoot up two points. —