While this card does not have great numbers, post Most Wanted List it fills a very important role: Being able to break code gates in faction, using no influence. The primary target here is Turing which puts a hard stop to the Anarch AI breakers. If you're going to be using a decoder as a primary breaker, this is not an option. But if you need to get into a central for successful run purposes, this will do in a pinch. Also it's service able against Quandry and Enigma. Not great by any means, but if you cannot spare a single point of influence, this will do the trick.

What kills Force of Nature for me is the high install cost. Yes, I know, Yog.0 costs the same, but Yog requires no upkeep costs whereas FoN does. If this had cost 2 or 3 to install, it wouldn't be such a tempo hit to install in the early game. —
Anarch isn't supposed to have good decoders in faction though. —

Is this better than Net Shield? I personally don't think so. Net Shield is what you want against the constant pinging of Jinteki: Personal Evolution if you're going for card loss prevention. Even against something like Snare!, you just pay the 1 and take 2 damage. That to me is worth more than paying 9 for Snare! and 3 for each ping.

That said, it is a piece of hardware so it helps in regard to memory if that's a problem.

While both Net Shield and Feedback Filter cost 2, Net Shield can only prevent the first net damage every turn. While Feedback Filter costs 3 to block a net damage, it can block as many as you want, and you have more choice in the damage you prevent. It also trashes to get you through a Heimdall 2.0 or a Cerebral Overwriter with less brain damage taken, an effect that is worth noting, though you may never use it in the current meta. I agree with you, the hardware type is huge. —

Yeah that has to be a typo or a new card template, because this card isn't even playable if it's not. There is absolutely no reason to A. rez this thing for 2c, and B. start putting your OWN credits on it for someone to come along and trash it.

Sealed Vault is only 1 inf so even if this were a mildly effective Vamp/AS deterrent (which it's not), if you want that type of effect you're gonna bite the bullet and spend the 2-3 inf to play Sealed Vault.