I would like clarification on the text of this card. If an icebreaker would break 2 subroutines at once, does "When the Runner breaks a printed subroutine on this ice, they lose 1credit" fire one time or two times?

<p>It fires twice even if you used something like <a href="/en/card/22012">Tycoon</a> to break 2 subroutines at once.</p> —
<p>^ What they said</p> —
<p>Remember the #Hippo/Cutlery/#Ankusa exception too - the moment you break the last sub with one of those, you trash the ice, which prevents the effect from firing.</p> —
<p>On Paperclip it also fires twice. If you Hippo it with Paperclip, it doesn't fire at all.</p> —