It might not be straight up the 'best' current we've seen so far, but if it isn't, then it is darn close! The three influence makes it a harder splash than Enhanced Login Protocol in those heavily taxing decks. But against Noise or Big Rig Kate, this is going to be much more taxing than the HB superstar. If the runner is installing a card every turn (which the runner in this metagame is likely to do), then this costs them an extra click every turn...

All of the click compressing resources (Professional Contacts) in the world won't relieve the pressure this card can put on the runner - how much worse are the cheap constructive pieces of hardware and software that runners install without even thinking about if they each cost an extra click?

You can ignore the pseudo 'net damage' this card deals... but at a certain point you run out of cards, and that's when the corp will find you and burn your house down.

Ermahgerd, this in chronos protocol.....might just be worth the hefty 3 influence. You drop this early....damn....the pressure on the the charts. —
It isn't actually net damage that is dealt so Chronos Protocol's ID ability doesn't fire... —
But possibly with Chronos project? Even more cards removed from the game —