So I'm not sure if it's just me, but the way that I see this card seems to be completely the opposite to every deck I've seen this card put into. I don't think this card is one that you build a deck around to get it to strength 10. To me, this card screams early aggression, keeping the corp from scoring early behind cheap gearcheck ice while you build your rig. The fact that it counts as 2 of your breakers gives it solid speed and lets you through most of the corp's cheap ice, and as the game goes on, it gets obsoleted by your other breakers (becoming weak in the process).

Tried this with Wyrm in my CT deck - Sage and a (Test Run/Scavenged) Femme Fatal. —
I've thought this before! With Chaos Theory, this is a 3 strength fracter and decoder... With a mimic in play as well you can get past 3 strength sentries and 2 strength barriers and codegates! Scavenge it a few turns later for your better decoders/fracters when they get better Ice in play —
Datasucker is also an option, though at that point you might prefer to just use Darwin instead of this. —