Short flavour review/language lesson: Damon Stone said in a podcast interview that this was the card through which he inserted himself into the game, since Damon and Bellamy both mean "friend" and masons work with stone. In actual fact, though, "Damon" comes either from Greek δάμων meaning "tamer" (well-attested name in ancient Greece, cf. MdGr "δαμάζω", "I tame"), or from "δαίμων" which roughly meant "god or deity" and later, in Christian times, came to mean "demon". Mason Bellamy is still close enough though :)

Cool story bro. —

Can anyone explain if there is any point to this card except for being a "tutor" for traps which you might not have had in-hand when you originally installed Toshiyuki? I can't really think of any point except to ensure that the runner has a chance to acccess a Snare! whether he runs your HQ or your remote. If the runner thought you only had non-advanceable traps, then maybe you could use Toshiyuki to make them think it's an agenda. But there are plenty of advanceable traps in the game (several in Jinteki), so I can't imagine any runner definitely thinking for sure that since this card has advancement tokens on it it's an agenda.

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