This is the card I've been looking forward to all cycle! I'm a big fan of interesting rig setups with multiple moving pieces. I took Streetchess to almost every tournament until MWL butchered my deck, -4 influence is rough :/

This card lets me bring a new interesting version of Chess due to it's synergy with Rook!

The plan is to run it in Reina (no synergy) with Deep Red, Pawn, Rook and probably 1-2 Knight, a Xanadu and probably 1-3 D4v1d.

This lets you break everything with a base rez cost of 2+ with Aghora. Mostly it'll be used to break rez cost 2-5 stuff I imagine but with datasucker (or ice carver hear me out. You can take down bigger stuff. Now the reason I even bring up Ice Carver is because you'll mostly want to parasite rez cost 0-1 Ice which mostly has Str 0-2, at least in my meta and it will trim MU requirement slightly and free up influence but I'd have to do some testing when I get the pack.

Considering how surprised I was with the effectiveness of a Brahman, D4v1d, Chameleon rig (in hailey). I could run through Heimdal 2.0, Viktor 2.0 and Ichi 2.0 over R&D almost every turn for 6-7 turns until I won thanks to the combo with Technical Writer. I have high hopes for this card at least when it comes to Tier 2 decks.

Sounds fun, I just worry about Magnet. I think it'll be used quite a bit, at least for the next while. —
rook on magnet's server is broken with aghora just fine. —
or not. derp —
I think aghora is good even without using cards like xanadu and rook as it breaks pretty much all the scary ICE that are too big for mimic. If you had this and mimic out then you could check most ICE safely and do the usual parasite deja vu shenanigans with any of the small barriers and code gates that fall through the net. —

I may have missed it in the other reviews but one effective way of getting the first few into you heap is to just break ICE with Faust. It allows you the ability to play a card for money without depleting your hand for faust runs since it replaces itself and the first 2-3 you see you can just break with if you don't have time to play them.

In Apex: always install the first copy facedown. Any that get installed should be priority in trashing. —
And that's the other side of this card. Anything that causes you to discard it makes future copies more valuable. You don't always have to play the card for it to be a benefit. —

Unless I'm mistaken, if you play this in Gagarin they have to pay an extra credit to access the new card. That could be kind of hilarious if you have another one in hand and just cycle them until the runner gives up :P

I just rearranged my life around making this happen. Nothing else matters. —