The card that is swapped with Toshiyuki Sakai is installed(FAQ). Infinite loop created by two Toshiyuki Sakai places infinite counter on Alix T4LB07. Combo with Gagarin deep space. Runner will afraid of accessing card that is swapped.

If the runner chooses not to access the second Toshi after you return the first Toshi to your HQ, the second Toshi won't trigger. —
That is right. The timing is hard to know when use agenda. That is why I recommend Plan B but not Toshi. But it produce safe advance token bank, and toshi can be swapped with asset is better.(GRNDL refinery, Haas arcology ai, etc) —

If you want trolling, install self-destruct and advanced agenda(or ronin) together. When runner pass inner most ice, trigger it! Use jackson. But I recommend you use this card with director haas or chairman hiro.

3 net damages are powerful. Combo with data mine, House of knives or some net damage sources. —