Hardware: Chip • Install: 1 • Influence: 2

: Install a program from your heap (paying the install cost).

It is good practice to backup the backup.
Shaper • Christina Davis • Creation and Control #38
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Clone Chip

This little thing is a failsafe in case you run into unavoidable program trashing provided by Corporate Troubleshooter used on scary Sentry ICE or Power Shutdown played after successful run. It can bring your program back, but it's most powerful when used to install software during the run.

It works beautifully with Parasite, Deus X, Faerie or Sharpshooter, cheap programs that can be played almost every time and help you break thru ICE with suprising effects. Remember that when played during Stimhack, you can use that 9 to install things via Clone Chip.

It's bread and butter of Shaper recursion magic, so use it.