Crash Space

Crash Space 2[credit]

Resource: Location
Influence: 2

2[recurring credit]

Use these credits to pay for removing tags.

[trash]: Prevent up to 3 meat damage.

"My roomie, he had a cousin with a college girlfriend whose brother's best friend was an addict, and the addict's mother used to live here. So yeah, there's a connection." -Lez "Rockfist" S.
Illustrated by Tim Durning
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Core Set (core)

#30 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
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The original counter to Scorched Earth.


  • Prevents up to 3 meat damage
  • Recurring credits to remove tags helps stretch the credits gained from Account Siphon


  • Can only prevent up to 3 meat damage. You're still going to slightly singed from Scorched Earth
  • To prevent the damage, you need to trash it. So you need to think long and hard whether its worth trashing over 1 meat damage or keep in reserve for Scorched Earth.
  • While the influence isn't back-breaking, non-criminals will hesitate to include this card when so other out-of-faction cards are begging to be included

Overall, criminals should give serious consideration to this card over Plascrete Carapace, especially if Account Siphon is a major part of their strategy. Non-criminals are probably better off sticking to Plascrete Carapace

(All That Remains era)
The biggest downside is probably that if you're tagged the Corp can spend a click and two credits to trash this. So, they'll just do that first. It IS powerful for clearing self-inflicted tags, though. —
@LordRandomness is right, it ends up just being a click+2 cred tax on the corp. Still, that can help prevent double scorched. —
If the corp tags you, then trashes this, then scorches, you'll still be fine as long as you have 4 cards in hand and can clear the tag next turn. It's very good against 24/7 Breaking News because they have to forgeit an agenda just to get rid of this card and you can remove the tags the next turn with 4 credits. —