Hardware • Install: 4 • Influence: 2

Whenever you access cards from HQ, access 1 additional card from HQ.

If you don't have someone on the inside, find someone on the inside who's fond of desk ornaments.
Criminal • Robert Chew • Humanity's Shadow 85
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HQ Interface
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At a cost of 4 HQ Interface doubles the effectiveness of your accesses when running on HQ runs. Those four will have paid for themselves easily once the runner is able to access agendas! This will also cause the corp to focus more on protecting HQ hence slowing down his/her tempo.

Comparison with Legwork


HQ Interface is much more flexible, can be used over & over for the rest of the game (earlier the better)

Can be used in powerful combination with Legwork & Nerve Agent

Can combo well with itself if you have multiple copies installed


HQ Interface is more expensive than Legwork and would need to be used 2-3 times before it catches up economically

Doesn't dig nearly as deep into HQ as Legwork

The corp will likely have more time to build up HQ defenses

Comparison/Combo with Nerve Agent


Is hardware making it less of a target VS Nerve Agent

Since it's not a virus, there are no virus tokens to be purged, meaning it's ready all the time

Since it's hardware vs program, no MU cost penalty


Costs one more , but not too bad, since At only one more credit than Nerve Agent,

Only +1 card access per installation of HQ Interface vs the possibility of other affects that can quickly pump up virus tokens on Nerve Agent to give it near infinite card draw


All things in balance, if you are going for HQ card access, this card is worth a look, particularly for Criminals, at two influence cost, maybe in certain cases Shaper & Anarch too.

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(Data and Destiny era)
HQ Interface also has massive synergy with Gang Sign, a great inclusion in pretty much any criminal deck, as well as Raymond Flint (who I think will see more use soon as the Mumbad Cycle looks like it plays more with bad publicity). —
HQI is also an amazing addition to any Edward Kim deck, IMO. It really is a must have for our vengeful Anarch friend. As crazy as it sounds, I've had a lot of success with Kim in the past few months. No matter what, though, the more consistent chances you give yourself to trash their Shipment from SanSan, Scorched Earth, Midseasons...hell, even their currents and econ...the better shot you have at getting in wherever you want late game. HQI does that for you. —
Also notable is that - unlike Legwork - it combos with Sneakdoor Beta. —