Philotic Entanglement

♦ Philotic Entanglement 3/2

Agenda: Security

When you score Philotic Entanglement, do 1 net damage for each agenda in the Runner's score area.

Limit 1 Philotic Entanglement per deck.

Illustrated by Ed Mattinian
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Honor and Profit (hap)

#6 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Score this one somewhere midgame, but not somewhere groundbreaking - along with one little, worthless agenda. Then give them some Shi.Kyū, perhaps a Medical Breakthrough or two, let them score some Chronos Projects or maybe one House of Knives. Make them feel safe and far ahead of you.

Then drop a 24/7 News Cycle.


One of my favourite agendas of all times - it actually lets you absolutely turn the tables when everything else seems lost and the runner is winning 6 to 0. And who wouldn't want to?

(Kala Ghoda era)

I love this agenda. I'm mainly playing it in a Jinteki fast advance deck with Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within Identity. It combos nicely with Shi.Kyū which I put in archives as soon as it shows up. As the runner tends to run on unprotected archives not to trigger the Identity, he/she will sooner or later take it as an -1 agenda.

In addition I tend to surrender one copy of Medical Breakthrough to make the others scorable from hand. That makes for a decent amount of net damage once Philotic Entanglement is scored (with Trick of Light).

The obvious drawback is that it can take some time and card draw until you come up Philotic Entanglement at just one copy per deck.

(Breaker Bay era)
You could use Fast Track —

The previous review are correct. But I will add other thought about this card.

First, it is a 2/3 agenda. Just this make it an excellent for any deck, especially rush deck. Here Medical Breakthrough is good. So is Project Yagi-Uda.

Second, it combine goes well with corp who plan with mostly one pointers and two pointers agendas. Creating the condition to damage significantly the runner.

Third, it combine even better with negative agenda points : Shi.Kyu, Hangeki, News Team, Meridian. If the corp incorporate those, it is possible to have 12 negative agenda in the corp deck (using 15 influences). The more negative and positive agendas the runner has, the more it is likely to flatline the runner by scoring Philotic Entanglement.

Fourth, it combine also with damaging agendas : Obotaka Protocol, Fetal AI, Sting!, House of Knives. All those will allow you to grind the cards of the runner quite a bit. Especially if you use Jinteki Personal Evolution.

It is such a fantastic agenda for Jinteki. If you are a reader of Ender's game (or have watched the movie), Philotic might tell you something. "Prepare the Ansible".

(Uprising era)