Upgrade: Region • Rez: 5 • Trash: 4 • Influence: 2

The Runner cannot steal agendas accessed from this server, even during the run on which they trash Old Hollywood Grid. Ignore this ability for any agenda the Runner has a copy of in their score area.

Limit 1 region per server.

Errata from CR 1.2

NBN • David Ogilvie • Old Hollywood 97
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Old Hollywood Grid
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It is the epitome of jank - but imagine a world in which the Old Hollywood Grid protected your R&D, your HQ, and a remote. Imagine raising the trash cost through various cards. Imagine a world in which the runner simply isn't allowed to score anything unless he comes in and destroys things.

Destruction is a thing - but using rez cost mitigation (like the Root), Marcus Batty an Caprice to keep a runner out or make him pay dearly for the run, Ash to make it hard to steal... this card has distinct possiblities, left to brighter minds than mine to find. One way or another, it has the potential for significant utility - up there with SanSan.

(Old Hollywood era)
Ahh, yes, I can imagine that world... and I imagine it with a deck that simply doesn't have any agenda more than once. —
Two words: Goverment Takeover —
And the Fragments are a natural fit for this. 15 Minutes, too. Pair this with Ash, recursion (Interns, Architect, Crick...) and the server becomes moot quickly. —
I've been playing this with a one of Vanity Project and RSVP in Haarpsichord. It never dissapoints. —