15 Minutes

♦ 15 Minutes 2/1


[click]: Shuffle 15 Minutes into R&D. The Corp can trigger this ability while 15 Minutes is in the Runner's score area.

Limit 1 per deck.

You had your shot, and you blew it.
Illustrated by Hannah Christenson
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Data and Destiny (dad)

#4 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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With the rise of Exchange of Information 15 Minute will find home in NBN deck that contain that card

NBN has million way to give tag to runner. You let them have their agenda. Score 15 Minute and Exchange It with 2-3 Pointer they steal. Take back 15 Minute.

Now you leave runner with no score.

The Con is if you claim back your AstroScript Pilot Program It's not score so your astrotrain is stop.

"15 Minute + Exchange of Information + Tag" is way to steal your point back

(Salsette Island era)
Although if the runner used Turntable to steal your Astro or Sales Team then you can get it back with Exchange of Information. —

Best 1 pointer agenda in the game, period. This is the only agenda where the corp has a chance to get it back, how could you ask for more?

Of course, it was even better when Exchange of Information was part of the meta, but it has rotated as of Q2 2023. Still, with 15 Minutes, NBN can put 4 points (with Post-Truth Dividend) that can be scored from hand without the help of a combo card. That can make a fair big difference. And being able to protect your 7th point really matter!

For corp that put 6x 3 points agendas, when needing 20 points, they can slot 15 Minutes and Post-Truth Dividend to be able to score their 7th point.

Another possible combination is to use Arella Salvatore and SanSan City Grid to score multiple 1 point agenda in a turn, once setup.

On top of that, the agenda is colorful, the art meaningful and the quote is full of spite for the runner. Amazing card!

(Parhelion era)

I really like the idea of abusing this card with team sponsorship in NBN, using fast track to search it out again and again, as well as Jackson, while triggering your turtlebacks with team sponsorship. No one uses it in this manner, but the card doesn't say you can't use it while it's in your own score area.

Alone, the card gives NBN 4 2/1 agendas, which is enough of a reason to like the card, if you're not into waiting until the runner has his rug together to win. Or you just like winning in general.

(Data and Destiny era)
Actually, does specify where you can use the shuffle ability. The reason no one uses it in this manner is because you can't. —
No, it specifies a generally-not-allowable method of triggering. Agendas are active within the corp's scoring area, and the card does not state anything to the contrary. I imagine it'll be added to the FAQ soon, but until then my opinion is that it can be used in the corp's scoring area, just like any other agenda the corp has scored. —
(and after hearing back from FFG, yes, 15 Minutes can be fired off from the corp's score area) —