Liquidation 1[credit]

Operation: Double - Gray Ops - Transaction
Influence: 1

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend [click].

Trash any number of your rezzed cards and gain 3[credit] for each card trashed.

What's a little insurance fraud between friends?
Illustrated by Pavel Kolomeyets
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Blood Money (bm)

#37 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Blood Money
  • Updated 2024-01-18

    UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    Can the Corp play Liquidation while there are no rezzed cards?

    No, you cannot trigger an ability that has no potential to change the game state.

    Can the Corp play Liquidation while there are rezzed cards, but then choose not to trash any cards?

    Yes. Abilities are only checked for their potential to change the game state to determine whether or not those abilities can be triggered. Once an ability begins resolving, it does not have to change the game state.


Haven't done a review yet, decided that this should be it.

Let me start with, this is a terrible card most of the time. It takes clicks to install things, sometimes credits to rez them. This card throws out all those clicks and creds, and gives you credits on hand. What this card actually is, is a stance change. You destroy everything that you've built for liquid capital, hoping that you've got enough cash to win with whatever your strategy is.

This card might be a counter to some runner techniques. IE - if they just installed Yog, this would let you recoup some of your credits for ICE that just became unusable. Or if the runner keeps bouncing off outermost ETR ice to build counters on Turning Wheel, you could sell the ICE.

The only other place I could see this card being useful, is in an asset\ICE spammy deck, with a kill package. The theory would be to build board state to a certain point, then pivot. You spend early game building board state. Sometime in midgame, play this card to remove unused\unusable assets. Then, play something like Midseasons to tag for a bajillion.

It may also be useful for some kind of CI7 combo, and Accelerated Diagnostics.

(Escalation era)
I used Liquidation to get mass credits for a guaranteed Punitive Kill. It does work, but it's a 'burn everything down for money' and win that turn. —
You can also play it into Midseason to effectively convert your cards into three tags each. It's a nice backup plan if they break into your remote in a way that makes it obvious you're not going to be able to lock them out well enough for it to count...just burn the whole thing down for tags! —
So, now that Friends in High Places is out, this card becomes slightly better. Trash 2 rezzed cards, gain 6 credits, play FiHP, reinstall 2 of those 3 trashed cards. Net total is 3 credits. Not great, but now the runner has to chase those cards are you do it again. Coupled with Bryan Stinson, and it's 0 credits 1 click to replay - slightly better. —