Agenda: Security • Adv: 5 • Score: 3

Whenever you do meat damage, do 1 additional meat damage.

"I use bioroids because I can wipe their memories or just blow their brains out when the job is done. No witnesses means no witnesses."
Weyland Consortium • Gong Studios • Revised Core Set 111
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The Cleaners
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Now here's a 5/3 that's worth considering, despite the awkwardness that comes with 5 advancements. Scorched Earth isn't around anymore (RIP in peace,) and BOOM! doesn't usually care about doing 8 instead of 7. What's that leave as the main beneficiaries? The smaller, incidental meat damage cards. In rough order of usefulness:

Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations doubles its meat tax to 2 per turn usually - insane.

Prisec doubles to 2.

Traffic Accident becomes more threatening (2 up to 3.)

Punitive Counterstrike gets another point of reach.

Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed goes up to 3, though they can take a tag instead.

Dedicated Response Team goes up to 3.

Mr. Stone doubles to 2.

Contract Killer - 2 to 3.

Breached Dome doubles to 2, if you can spare the influence for minor one-off traps.

There's others, but at the time of this writing none of them seem particularly useful in Weyland. Basically, it becomes much more likely that some combination of things will bring the runner into kill range. Cleaners do stack, but at that point you've probably won on points anyway. Nice card, glad they spared it from rotation.

(Crimson Dust era)
Presumably you mean Traffic Accident, not Traffic Jam. —
If you're using Breached Dome, them plus the cleaners means you don't need too many in Archives to make it a dangerous place for the runner to access. —
Last I checked this doesn't actually work with Argus, since terminology is technically making them do damage to themselves through the trigger (similar to "the runner trashes X" instances). —