Resource: Virtual • Install: 1 • Influence: 1

trash: Break the first subroutine on the encountered piece of ice.

A winged terror, the Kongamato dives from above, rending its prey in one ferocious bite.
Shaper • Liiga Smilshkalne • Down the White Nile 27
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Kongamato is a wonderful resource that acts as a powerful access-enabling tool. It's cheap to install, free to use and doesn't care about ice type. Of course, it's only good against certain pieces of ice.

I find there's enough use cases for it to be worth including, since you can always use it to save money in the worst case.

It's also virtual, which means it's usable in the tentacles of Our All-Consuming Overlord! You can use it for its intended purpose, or if you don't need it you can ID it and sell it to Aesop or your pet bug.

(Whispers in Nalubaale era)