Biotic Labor

Biotic Labor 4[credit]

Influence: 4

Gain [click][click].

"Why of course, we have six different Haas-Bioroid models serving in a variety of positions at this branch office alone. We here at Haas-Bioroid aren't going to shy away from practicing what we preach, and we pass the savings from increased efficiency on to our valued customers."
Illustrated by Mark Anthony Taduran
Decklists with this card

System Core 2019 (sc19)

#80 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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  • a 4th click is a magic number for Corps


  • reasonably expensive
  • very high in influence


  • now what should that extra click be used on?
  • since you invested 4 credits and a card to begin with, don't use it to draw cards or get credits (very new players tend to do that from time to time)
  • out of all Corp actions, advancing agendas is the most likely
  • this allows you to score 3 difficult agendas out of hand (such as ABT, Project Vitruvius, AstroScript Pilot Program and Project Beale
  • also allows to score 4 difficult agendas on the table (ie, installed a previous turn, but innocently not advanced yet)
  • has a very sweet synergy with Melange Mining Corp. as it cost exactly 7 credits with Biotic Labor to score a 3 difficult agenda out of hand. So you can alternate between mining and scoring without needing an extra agenda server or exposing your agendas to be accessed by the runner
  • having some counters (or even 1) on Project Vitruvius supports this theme nicely - to recur a Biotic Labor
(All That Remains era)

You can click for 1. Hence, 1 click is worth 1. This card lets you get 1 click for 4. This card lets you waste 3 on nothing. It is not a good card, and you should not put it in any deck.

I would really recommend looking at cards such as Hedge Fund, Sweeps Week, or even Green Level Clearance if you want economy options, or cards like Efficiency Committee if you want extra clicks. At least Efficiency Committee also grants you agenda points.

(The Underway era)
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